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How Does a Perfect Software Development Team Look Like?

It seems like an ultimate goal strategy to shift to full-stack software development and bring the project from its early planning stages to deploying it single-handedly. This signifies the simplicity of the project coordination and lower its development costs. But, if you want to get quality software, you shouldn’t work with a full stack developer to work on it. As software development includes so many tasks that it is nearly impossible to wonder a single person working on each of its stages professionally. Hence a successful software development project requires a dedicated software development team made up of specialists who get along together well and are well versed in their respective fields. Here are the different roles, skills, and talents accumulated to create a solid basis for the perfect software development team.

  1. Project manager

Every team requires a leader who will be responsible for handling the most important decisions and pave a way to the team’s objectives. In a software development team, this position is referred to as a project manager who controls all the processes in the entire project. Their tasks include:

  1. Customer interaction
  2. Scheduling the project and offering time estimates
  3. Planning out the HR efforts and task allocation
  4. Coordination of joint work of the other team members

  1. Project architect

There are many stages involved in software development. Keeping such diversity in mind, each project should be addressed individually right from the first development stages. A person who draws a line and defines the type of software to be developed is a project architect. S/he can engage in the discussion with the customer. On the basis of the information, they can further determine the architecture most compatible with the needs of the customer.

  1. UI/UX Designers

Before carrying out the further stages of the software development, a thorough user experience research is done to understand the expectations of the software’s target audience. Without this very input, a software can fail to deliver the needs of the user. It is daunting to provide an abstract concept of human computer interaction a tangible form. Build a few variants of the future UI, improvising them with every review session, and finally selecting the most successful one.

  1. Developers

The front end developers work with the layouts offers to them by the UI designers and change static interface images into a fully function client side. The back end is responsible for building the server side of the software. In any team, the developers make sure the back end manages the data it receives and sends back correctly to the front end. Then, the testing team looks for the deviation in the software before deploying it to the clients.

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