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Pave Your Way To Proper Security!

In this modern day of rapid technological advancement, scores of individuals fail to keep up with them. Hence, they tend to deploy physical or manual security either due to inadequate knowledge or with the angst of getting hacked. This is one of the biggest blunders one tend to commit in terms of security planning.

The idea of viewing a live feed of the area in your devices itself provides a sense of security. Manual safety or employing a security personnel in charge may lead to your security being compromised due to factors of mistrust or common human errors.

While deploying security cameras, to prevent unnecessary events, a few precautions have to be undertaken on the user’s end.

  • Securing networks with WPA2:

At times, something as common as a data breach can place your login credentials in the wrong hands. Since your wireless networks will be connected to the security cameras, the first precaution you can undertake is securing those with a WPA2 rather than using the normal Wep security. This kind of security though adept, it can only secure your wireless network on an average level. Hence, acquisition of WPA2 is a requisite.

  • Updating camera firmware on a frequent basis:

In order to prevent security cameras from being endangered by hackers, malware and breaches, which compromises your company’s confidential information, the firmware of the camera should be regularly updated. The microprocessor of the security camera is responsible for various major functions. One cannot compromise on these features such as image processing, exposure, noise reduction, and autofocus as playing a predominant role in the proper functioning of security cameras.

  • Encrypting administrative tool of security cameras:

While the established businesses usually possess completely independent IT departments, it is the start-ups and small companies that may face various adversities due to this lack of facilities. Therefore, to counter such a problem, one can encrypt the administrative access and information.

  • Username and passwords:

Many companies even the established ones often make this mistake of keeping a simple password for recollection purposes. They do not realize that by this minute mistake, they are compromising on their confidential data. A strong password comprising around 20 characters, with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers is a pre-requisite.

By ensuring the following precautions are taken care of, your company’s security of data, information, and employees are taken care of in a cost-efficient manner through security cameras.

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